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With the rainy weather upon us, it’s very imporant to know the dangers that your dog could face by drinking from puddles or still water.

What is Giardia?

Giardi – are sometimes confused with worms becuase they invade the gastrointestinal tract and can cause diarrhea.  They in fact are not worms; instead, they are one-celled parasites that look like cartoon characters classified as protozoa. giardia

Most dogs that are infected with Giardia do not have diarrhea or any other signs of illness.  When the eggs (cysts) are found in the stool of a dog without diarrhea, they are generally considered a transient, insignificant finding.

How does my dog get Giardia?

A dog becomes infected with Giardia when it swallows the cyst stage of the parasite. Once inside the dog’s intestine, the cyst goes through several stages of maturation.  Eventually, the dog is able to pass infective cysts in the stool.  These cysts lie in the environment and can infect other dogs.  They may able be transmitted through drinking infected water.

Life cycle of Giardia:

Giardia occur in two forms: a motile feeding stage that lives in the intestine, and a non-motile cyst stage that passes in the feces. The giardia trophozoite, which is the active stage of the organism – inhabits the small intestine of the dog. The trophozoite stage is tear-drop shaped, binucleated, and has four pairs of flagella. It attaches to the cells of the intestine with its adhesive disc and rapidly divides to produce a whole population of trophozoites. As they detach they may be swept down the intestine. If intestinal flow is fast then they may appear in the feces. However, if they have time, encystment occurs as the parasite travels to the large intestine. The cyst is fairly resistant, and can survive for several months outside of a host’s body as long as sufficient moisture is provided. The cyst is oblong in shape with four nuclei that are sometimes distinctly visible. Mature cysts are usually found in the feces of infected animals. Other animals become infected by ingesting the cysts that passed from the body in feces. These ingested cysts then break open inside the small intestine to release the motile feeding stage (trophozoite). Giardia increase their numbers by each organism dividing in half which is called binary fission.

How is giardiasis diagnosed?

Giardiasis is diagnosed by a microscopic examination of a stool sample.  The cysts are quite small and usually require a special floatation medium for detection, so they are not normally found on routine fecal examinations.  Occasionally, the parasites may be seen on a direct smear of the feces.  A blood test is also available for detection of antigens (cell proteins) of Giardia in the blood.  This test is probably more accurate than the stool exam, but it requires several days to get a result from the laboratory performing the test.

How is giardiasis treated?

The typical drug used to kill Giardia is metronidazole, an antibiotic-type drug.  it is given for 5 to 7 days.  Other drugs are also used if diarrhea and dehydration occurs.  If metronidazole is not effective, others are available.

Can humans become infected with Giardia?

Yes, Giardia can also cause diarrhea in humans.  Therefore, environmental disinfection is imperative.  The use of chlorine bleach, one cup in a gallon (500 ml in 4 liters) of water, is effective if the surfaces and premises can be safely treated with it.

  • Giardia in dogs can cause diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, poor condition, or death. However, many infected dogs show no symptoms.

  • People can get giardia, causing diarrhea or other problems, but rarely from dogs.

  • Dogs get giardia from water that has been soiled with feces. Give your dog safe, clean water to drink.

  • Pick up your dog’s feces immediately, avoiding contact with your skin.



We invite you to join us this Friday, as we celebrate the 8th Annual Tasteful Art on the Avenues event along Armitage Ave. It’s an evening of fine art by Chicago artists, gourmet cuisine and drinks from local restaurants including Boka, Black Duck, Tarantino’s, Twisted Lizard and more. Plus, boutique shopping at over 20 participating stores. Enter for a chance to win a $ 1000 gift basket full of merchandise and gift certificates from the neighborhood!

Stop by our store any time before the event for discounted wristbands or purchase them during the event for only $ 10.

All money raised will benefit Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Our Featured Artist

Artist Matthew Lew

Painter, photographer – Matthew Lew, creates cutting edge contemporary works that grace countless private and corporate collections.

In Winter 2008, his art was seen on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition that featured a peaceful Buddha wall mural for Ty’s “Secret Room.” His work then caught the attention of CB2 stores and debuted his first national collection “Everything Urban.”

Matthew Lew’s art is varied, vibrant and filled with an urban richness that captures diverse appeal from his abstract work to his Chicago cityscapes. Matthew is an aficionado of mixed media (paint and photography) that has become timeless and building in value. His paintings incorporate elements from around the world including actual water from tropical and beautiful places as well as various wines and champagnes from specific wine regions in the United States and Europe.

Matthew is currently working on a new episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition featuring new works inspired by Chicago as well as HGTV’s “Divine Design” with Candice Olson where he created an urban cityscape wall mural.

Matthew Lew resides in the “Windy City” of Chicago and keeps finding inspiration on every street corner. After spending three years in Spain studying Art Studio and Spanish, Matthew moved to Chicago and fell in love with the city!

Meet Matthew at Dog-a-holics in Lincoln Park on Friday, June 19th.

Complimentary Appetizers

TilliDog-a-holics has teamed up with Tilli’s on Halsted in Lincoln Park for Friday’s event. Give your $ 10 donation to Children’s Memorial and enjoy complimentary appetizers from Tilli’s! After Tasteful Art on the Avenues, head over to Tilli’s….it’s just around the corner!

All Artists, Shops & Food

Armitage Logo

Over 23 boutiques along Armitage Ave, Halsted St and Webster Avenue have teamed up with local artists and premier Lincoln Park restaurants to offer an evening of summer fun!

To view a complete list of participating boutiques, their artist and complimentary appetizers, visit the events page of our website or CLICK HERE.

Event Specifics

Location: 23 participating boutiques along Armitage Avenue between Kenmore & Halsted, as well as a couple spots on Halsted before Webster, and on Webster west of Sheffield. Maps will be distributed at the event.

Cost: The cost of the event is $ 10. Your donation will go fully to Children’s Memorial Hospital. The donation will give you a wristband and access to the complimentary food and beverages at the 23 participating boutiques. You can purchase wristbands at all participating boutiques and at designated locations along the sidewalk.

Artwork: The artist’s will be available to discuss their work. All artwork is for sale and arrangements can be made directly with the artist.

Transportation & Parking: There are meters along Armitage and Halsted. The Armitage Brown Line stop is in the heart of all the event action!

Save 15%
Coming to this event? Bring this coupon with you and save 15% off your purchase at Dog-a-holics! Plus with every purchase made at any of the 23 participating businesses, you can enter to win a gift basket full of $ 1000 worth of merchandise & gift cards! This coupon is only valid during Tasteful Art on the Avenues and is only redeemable at Dog-a-holics.

Offer Only Valid: June 19th, 2009 between 6:00pm-9:00pm

n212108390227_7780Whether they’re a Cubs fan or a Sox fan we know our doggy daddies love their pooches and we also know they’ll be glued to the action this week for the cross town classic games. So spread the word to all puppy pops about our Father’s Day!

…Dog dads bring your dog and stop into our stores this week wearing your favorite baseball team’s paraphernalia. We’ll snap a picture of you both and add it to our score board. At the end of the week, we’ll see which team has the most Dog-a-holics fans! Pictures will be posted on our blog & Facebook pages.

…Dog dads – get 20% off all baseball themed merchandise in stock!

Home Team Derby & Discounts between June 15 – June 21 during store hours at both our locations!

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We had another great turn out for June’s “Treat of the Month” contest!

Congratulations to Henry, winning by 44% of the total votes! He’ll be featured on Bacon & Cheddar, A Dog’s Life brand of treats sold at both our stores! The treats will be available in a few weeks for purchase.

All of us here at Dog-a-holics want to say THANK YOU to all the participants and their adorable doggie pictures!  You all are winners!

Keep an eye out for July’s “Treat of the Month” contest!  Submission instructions will be available soon!

Again, congratulations to Henry!


Southport Stroll_Yellow copy

It’s that time again, Ravenswood Gardens annual garage sale
Saturday and Sunday June 13th and 14th from
10 am – 4 pm.

Chicago Canine Rescue is collecting

  • furniture

  • dishware

  • lamps

  • electronics

  • CDs

  • framed pictures

  • DVDs

  • books

  • etc… for our Garage Sale!

We are NOT accepting the following:

  • clothing

  • shoes

  • broken items.

All items that are donated must be in working condition.

Items can be dropped off:

Sunday 6/7 from 9am-3pm

Monday 6/8 from 3-8pm

Tuesday 6/9 from 3-8pm

Wendesday 6/10 from 3-8pm

@ 2721 W Giddings Street, Chicago 60625 on the garage/alley side of the


Donation receipts will be available for all items donated.

dog_spot_eliminatorTry Dog Spot Eliminator, it is carefully blended to combat the dead spots in your lawn caused by animal urine. This revolutionary soil amendment product contains micro nutrients with no added fillers.

Dog Spot Eliminator can be used to pretreat areas where animal habits are known. When applied over the entire lawn, it reduces the intensity of further spots that develop from urination. It also aids the natural recovery of affected areas, making spot treatments more effective.

Dog Spot Eliminator is formulated to neutralize salt burns of all types including those adjacent to sidewalks and driveways, caused by various ice melting products.

All Natural – Guaranteed not to burn
Effective on most animal urine grass burns
Neutralizes burns caused by ice melting products
Helps restore soil tilth and adds micro nutrients back into soil
Safe for pets or children when used at recommended application rates
Available in a convenient easy-pour 11 pound container for $ 19.99
(One 11LB container, when used as a preventative will cover approximately 500 sq. ft.)


rufus_packagingJune submissions have begun! Get your dog’s photo on treat packaging sold at Dog-a-holics! Each month you can submit a picture of your pooch and if your photo is chosen… your doggie will be the bark of the dog park!

To be considered for June’s “Treat of the Month” contest, follow these 3 easy steps…
1. Stop by either store for the secret email to submit your photo.
2. Email in the best photo of your pup(s).
3. Tell ALL your friends & family to vote for your dog on the designated weekend!

You can email your dog’s photo to the secret email between now and June 11th at 5:00pm.

The lucky winner will receive a free bag of the treats and these same treats will be sold at both Dog-a-holics stores and online throughout the year!

This month’s photo submissions will be posted here June 12th – 14th for voting, so make sure to come back and vote for your favorite photo!

The winner will be announced June 15th and the treats will be available a few weeks later!

Stop by this week to get the secret email to submit your photo!

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